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Tips For Concrete & Landscaped Yards

Tips for concrete landscaped yards

When it comes to commercial areas, curb appeal becomes a very important part of it. When a CEO considers buying a new lot to put a new building, he has to take a look at the area and see if it will be beneficial to him. When it comes to the landscaping portion of the job, there are some major tips that we would consider before buying a lot.

Are the plants tough?

The plants are going to be going through a lot, such as children playing with them or being run over by accident. There are a million scenarios that may occur, so it is important to have plants that will last or recover quickly, or your curb appeal will fall.

Consider shady trees.

Sometimes an individual may not have air conditioning in their car. When there is no air conditioning, the individual would most likely prefer a shady spot to keep the car from becoming sizzling hot like the Sahara desert.

Are the trees going to be sturdy enough?

Similar reasoning behind why you need sturdy plants. During a storm, the wind may be high enough for the weak tree to fall over and cause building damage. This would cause you a loss of assets. In some cases, an individual may run the tree over and cause it to fall.

What About Colors?

When it comes to the colors of landscaping in a commercial space, it is important to consider the theme that your business is going for.

Another factor to consider is the placement of these colored flowers. Where do you want to draw everyone's attention to? People love colors and patterns. Our eyes follow these colors and patterns, so you would want to avoid areas such as the dumpster.

Will A Concrete Cleaning & Sealing Be Safe For My Landscape And Beneficial?

When our professionals do concrete cleaning and sealing, we always use environmentally safe chemicals.

There are two big reasons why it would be beneficial to limit the number of accidents on the property. We apply a sealant to help eliminate possible slips and falls. This can lower the number of accidents.

Another reason is to increase your curb appeal even more. If there is a pile of trash all over, the landscape will go unnoticed, and people will be focusing on the garbage on the ground instead.

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